Today I overheard a conversation at work. I’m not making this up.

One of the waitresses returns to the kitchen with a new order from the dining room. As she hands the order to the cooks she asks if our meatballs have pork in them. One of the customers wanted to know.

“I think it’s for religious reasons… he’s probably Jewish.”
“In the Old Testament the Jews couldn’t eat pigs because they were ‘unclean.’”

Waitress B: “I thought that was only on Good Friday or something.”

Waitress C: “Its because the demons were in the pigs. The demons were cast out and went into the pigs, and they ran into the sea and drowned.”


3 thoughts on “Pork…

  1. Actually, the regulations come from the Old Testament. The Hebrews weren’t allowed to eat pork and many other kinds of animals under the Mosaic Law. These things weren’t considered kosher. To the orthodox Jew, they still aren’t, thus Hebrew National Hotdogs. The context quoted by the waitress concerning the pigs having demons comes from the New Testament where Jesus cast the demons out of the maniac of Gedara in Mark 5.

  2. i know, that’s why i posted it. I think its funny that some ppl can know so little of the distinctions between the old and new testaments! ….i wanted to say something, but i was across the room.

  3. Sorry Michael. I’m new at blogging. Didn’t really know who I was replying to at the time. Thought I was answering a question. Looking forward to the Mission Emphasis next Sunday. Know you’ll do a great job.

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