Spurgeon On The Importance Of Theology

“Be well instructed in theology, and do not regard the sneers of those who rail at it because they are ignorant of it.  Many preachers are not theologians, and hence the mistakes which they make.  It cannot do any hurt to the most lively evangelist to be also a sound theologian, and it may often be the means of saving him from gross blunders.  Nowadays, we hear men tear a single sentence of Scripture from its connection, and cry “Eureka! Eureka!” as if they had found a new truth; and yet they have not discovered a diamond, but a piece of broken glass. . . . Let us be thoroughly well acquainted with the great doctrines of the Word of God.” -Charles H. Spurgeon (as quoted in Ryrie’s Practical Guide to Communicating Bible Doctrine, 27-28).


One thought on “Spurgeon On The Importance Of Theology

  1. Take heed to yourself — and to your doctrine!! Paul’s words are so important and relevant. The promises are significant and great — you will save yourself and those who hear you. Keep up the theme: know your doctrine!!!!!!!

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