Currently Reading

Ryrie’s Practical Guide to Communicating Bible Doctrine

By Charles Ryrie

I’m about half way through right now, but this book has already proved helpful to me. One of my plans through the next few months is to begin a ‘bible doctrine’ or ‘fundamentals’ type discipleship series with our youth group. I have been struggling with finding a way to do it that wouldn’t be boring for the younger, less mature kids. This book has already shown me ways of doing that. It is short and simple, but can be very helpful. Easy read.



The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World

Contributors: Voddie Baucham Jr., D.A. Carson, Mark Driscoll, Tim Keller, John Piper, Justin Taylor, David Wells.

This book is divided into 3 parts, with 2 chapters each. Part 1: Culture and Truth, Part 2: Joy and Love, and Part 3: Gospel Theologizing and Contextualizing. Justin Taylor writes the introduction, and each other author takes a chapter. The book doesn’t have to be read from cover to cover since each chapter covers a different topic, and doesn’t necessarily build on the one before. So far I have only read two chapters, but it has proved to be a great read, dealing with postmodernism, and indirectly (and sometimes directly!) with the emergent church. It can be downloaded free here.


Basic Bible Interpretation

By Roy B. Zuck

I haven’t cracked this one open in about a week, but I am planning on finishing it. So far its really good, but is very basic at the beginning so not extremely interesting. I know it will get better if I can stick it out!






ESV Journaling Bible

By…. God.

This is my favorite Bible I’ve owned. The ESV is my translation of choice, and the note taking lines are great! The quality of the Bible is not great though (I had to use book tape on the binding to keep it from falling apart). Whenever it passes the point of no-return, I will probably try to replace it with the (more expensive) genuine leather version.

What are you reading?


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