Is The Bible Relevant?

“Relevant” is a buzzword in contemporary Christian culture. There’s a Christian teen magazine called “Relevant” (, and I even recently learned of a church in C.A. called, “Relevant Church.” Check out their add:

Much has been said about ‘making the Bible relevant’ to our audience, but what should we make of this? Is the Bible relevant, or do we need to do something to make it so?

The dictionary defines “relevant” as, “closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand.” By this definition we can see that everything is relevant to something; the question isn’t “is the Bible relevant?,” but instead, “what is it relevant to?” Second Timothy 3:16-17 gives us part of the answer:

“All Scripture is… profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.”

If “the matter at hand” (to use the words of the dictionary definition above) is to be a person of righteousness and good works (a couple of our duties as Christians) than the Bible is very relevant to that pursuit. If, however, we find that the Bible is not relevant to us, maybe “the matter at hand” in our lives is wrong. Charles Ryrie writes,

“Let’s be clear about one main thing. God’s Word does not have to be made relevant. It is so. All of us have to be made relevant to it as the supreme standard. To say we must make its teachings relevant to a twenty-first-century society, or a post-Christian world, or to specialized groups is to say that God’s revelation is insufficient. The Bible was written in a pre-Christian world that was characterized by all the needs and sins of the twenty-first-century.” (Ryrie, Ryrie’s Practical Guide To Communicating Bible Doctrine, 80)

It’s not the Bible that needs to be morphed, squeezed, and reinterpreted to fit our lives, but our lives that need to be morphed and molded to fit the Bible. Just some food for thought, and a heart-check for all of us.


2 thoughts on “Is The Bible Relevant?

  1. Ditto – well said. The Bible IS always relevant, it’s just the preachers that are sometimes out of touch and a world/culture that is always irrelevant to God.

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