Michael Horton on Gospel-Centered Preaching

God justifies the wicked” (Rom. 4:5, emphasis added). As counterintuitive as it is simple, that claim which lies at the heart of the Good News has brought immeasurable blessing—and trouble—to the church and the world. Be nice, take our the trash, stop nagging your spouse, try to spend more time with your children, don’t get into credit card debt, lose some weight, and get some exercise. Every one of these exhortations might be valid. Some of them may even find a legitimate application in a handful of biblical passages. However, it is not the big story. No wonder people—especially younger folks—are bored if this is the “news” that the church has to bring to the world. This kind of news need not come from heaven; there are plenty of earthly sages who can communicate it better than most preachers. (Michael Horton, The Gospel-Driven Life, 64)


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