Recommended: "Gospel Meditations For Women"

A number of weeks ago, after reading a review on Andy Nasseli’s Blog, I ordered Chris Anderson, and Joe Tyrpak’s devotional “Gospel Meditations For Women” for my girlfriend Jessica.

I actually bought two copies (one for our youth library) so I  got to read through it as Jessica was. The devotional consist of 31, one-page devotional readings on how the Gospel effects and transforms our lives. While it was written for women, most of the entries were easily understood from a male point-of-view, or were not gender-specific.

Although I don’t frequent women’s devotionals, I thought it was quite a bit more theologically rich than most of the women’s (…or men’s) devotionals on the market today!

Both Jessica and I thought it was excellent and would highly recommend it for adult, or young adult women.

If you are a women looking for a good devotional, buy this one! If you are a man, buy a copy of it for your wife, or church library here! It’s cheap enough that it could be purchased for all the ladies in your Sunday-school class, or even your church. 5-stars!


3 thoughts on “Recommended: "Gospel Meditations For Women"

  1. I’m on the lookout for a good devotional. Right now I’m just going thru the normal daily proverbs, RU curriculum, and SS series we go through. I was able to look at the PDF they had. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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