Free eBooks

In the past few months I have come across several free books of interest in the .pdf format. Among them are almost all of John Piper’s books, D. A. Carson’s (sort of)-novel Letters Along The Way , a book by Winfield Bevins called Grow: Reproducing Through Organic Discipleship, and Lewis Sperry Chafer’s Major Bible Themes.

I’m not a big fan of reading off a computer screen, but if I must I have found a Mac application that works great called Skim, which allows for full screen, highlighting, note-taking, and multiple bookmarks.

If you have an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, the iBooks app can read pdf files (see directions here). I tried using it on my iPod Touch, but since it doesn’t reformat the pdfs (subdivide the pages etc) I found it very hard to read on such a small screen. In order to get the font big enough to read you have to zoom in, requiring you to scroll not only vertically, but horizontally to see the whole page. I’m sure an iPad would work perfectly for it though. I hope some of these resources can be of help to you.

HT: Jon Bolin

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