Excellent Documentary “Divided” – Watch Free until September

Watch this excellent and thought-provoking documentary about Church and youth ministry. The film can be watched for free until September.

*Edit: Jon Bolin pointed his readers to a highly critical (and helpful) review of the film (and movement) by Tim Challies. The topic of Age-Integration vs. Age-Segregation is one that is deserving of more study, and probably more reflection from each side.

It seems to me that Age-Integration (and the ideas behind it, e.g. family discipleship) is something that Age-Segregated churches could learn from, yet we do not need to go so far as to say that segregating by age or understanding-level is antibiblical. Just because something (Age-Segregation) allegedly came from ‘pagans’ doesn’t mean it is altogether wrong. That position fails to recognize God’s common grace on all of mankind.


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