Reading “The Stranger” by Albert Cumus

Leland Ryken is professor of English at Wheaton College and is one of the foremost Christian authorities on literature. In the following weeks Dr. Ryken will be doing a chapter by chapter commentary/discussion on Albert Camus’s The Stranger at The Gospel Coalition blog. This is going to be the beginning of a series called “Commending The Classics.” I am excited about the series and excited about reading along with The Stranger in the coming weeks.

The series officially began last week with an introduction to chapter one, and will continue tomorrow with chapter two (but don’t worry about being behind, the chapters are short!). I want to encourage you to pick up a copy of the book and read along for the next 10 weeks. A used copy of the book can be picked up on Amazon for $0.1 so it is well worth your money! For more about this series and some more incentives to follow it and read along check out Why Christians Should Read Camus, and Introducing The Stranger both by Ryken in preparation for the series.

For years now I have been glued to Christian non-fiction almost exclusively, and have, somewhat priggishly, shrugged of fiction as a waist of time. My thinking is beginning to mature (with the help of the book Lit! among other things), and I look forward to profiting from the world of good fictional literature (Christian and non) in the years to come. God has graciously given some people the artistic talent of story-telling. We would do well to accept that as a gift from God to be used and enjoyed!

Check it out! Why Christians Should Read CamusIntroducing The Stranger, and The Stranger: Part 1, Chapter 1.


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