Recommended: “Gospel Meditations For Men”

A few months ago I recommended the woman’s devotional Gospel Meditations For Women here on the blog. Since then, Gospel Meditations For Men was released which I enthusiastically ordered and read though a couple of times (also giving it as a gift to all my groomsmen this past December)! All the while I assumed that I had already recommended it here (a quick search told me otherwise).

Without further ado I want to personally recommend this devotional to you if you have not yet picked up a copy. The book consists of 31 doctrinally rich one page devotional readings written by Chris Anderson and Joe Tyrpak, and is a worthy addition to your daily devotions. Personally, I found it edifying to read in the evening before bed. These daily readings will help you walk ‘in step with the truth of the gospel’ (Gal 2:14), by helping you see and live out its many implications.

PHIL JOHNSON: “A full month of meaty, masculine meditations. This is a wonderful resource for men seeking to deepen their understanding and build spiritual stamina. Each day’s reading is a rich feast. Devotional material of this quality for men is extremely hard to come by. I’m grateful for the obvious care and energy that Chris Anderson and Joe Tyrpak have brought to this project.”

SAM HORN: “The gospel is as necessary for daily life as it is for eternal life. This profound truth is made personal and accessible in Gospel Meditations for Men. Chris and Joe have helped us to see the glory of the Shepherd in the grace of the gospel. They have walked the trail ahead of us and left us a daily summary of the glory they discovered. The soul food they have prepared is both sweet and nourishing. Thank you, brothers!”

CARL TRUEMAN: “Chris and Joe have co-authored a delightful and helpful little book of daily meditations. This is not one of those trendy Reformed ‘the Bible says all men have to act like John Wayne or cavemen with better table manners’ kind of productions. Many of the devotions are simply gospel expositions, and those which have a male specific orientation are on topics like lust, where male psychology is important.”

ANDY NASELLI : “Applying the gospel never gets old because we always need it. These fresh meditations serve men well.”

MICHAEL BARRETT: “I’ve often said that right thinking about the gospel produces right living in the gospel and that the gospel touches every sphere of life. With all my heart I believe this to be true, but the sad reality is that it is easier to say it than to practice it. The stuff of life has easy access to the mind, and life then happens without consciousness of the gospel. Gospel Meditations for Men addresses this problem with pointed and practical applications of gospel truths that are designed to generate gospel thinking that translates to gospel living. The meditations illustrate well how the gospel provides the reason as well as the power for right living before God in this world.”

TULLIAN TCHIVIDJIAN: “Chris Anderson and Joe Tyrpak understand that the gospel is just as necessary after you become a Christian as it is before you become a Christian–that it’s not simply God’s power to save us but it’s also God’s power to grow us once we’re saved. These Gospel Meditations for Men are an invaluable tool in helping you preach the gospel to yourself everyday! I highly recommend it.”

MILTON VINCENT: “Chris Anderson and Joe Tyrpak have rendered Christian men a great service in writing this book.  Every page of Gospel Meditations for Men features Christ-centered truths crisply pondered and reasoned out toward helpful encouragements and applications.  A model of robust biblical thinking, this little book is gospel gold, an ample treasury for men who long to renew their minds and be transformed by the mighty themes of the gospel.”

Check out a sample.
Get the book here for $2.50 or less!


2 thoughts on “Recommended: “Gospel Meditations For Men”

    • Good point! Come to think of it, I should have pushed “Gospel Meditations For Women” in time for Mother’s day!

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