“What’s Best Next” only $1.99 today. 

Matt Perman’s book What’s Best Next is on sale today for only $1.99 (Kindle Edition). What’s Best Next is a book on productivity (think Getting Things Done, et al.) from the perspective of a Christian worldview. I began reading Perman’s book over Christmas break but put it on hold when school started back. Now that I’ve finished my undergraduate degree (!) I plan on picking it back up this Summer. You can grab the Kindle edition here.

“I have been learning from Matt Perman for nearly twenty years, and I am eager for leaders around the world to benefit from his work the way that I have. To my knowledge, there is no one writing today who has thought more deeply about the relationship between the gospel and productivity. You will find in these pages a unique and remarkable combination of theological insight, biblical instruction, and practical counsel that would change the world if put into practice. I could not recommend it more highly.” –Justin Taylor


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